Self-Cutting Cable Ties - Natural

Save time and frustration with the Self-Cutting Cable Tie. Simply lock and twist to remove the excess with no need for an additional cutting tool! Unlike other "twist" ties, our patented design doesn't require a reduction in the strength or durability of the cable tie material or multiple rotations to achieve a break in the tie. Instead, a small cutting blade integrated into the head of each tie ensures a tight lock and quick, clean cut, improving the appearance of the end result and virtually eliminating residual jagged edges which can cut into bare skin. Ties are made from durable 6/6 nylon and provide 50 pounds of tensile strength.

  • Safe and strong self-cutting patented technology.
  • Save time during installation with a single twist, no additional cutting tool needed.
  • Save your hands from cuts and scratches.
  • Use on the job, around the house, or in the workshop.
  • Available in 8", 11", and 14" cable tie lengths.
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9911 Self-Cutting Cable Ties, Natural, 8" (100 MIN)
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9913 Self-Cutting Cable Ties, Natural, 11" (100 MIN)
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9915 Self-Cutting Cable Ties, Natural, 14" (100 MIN)
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