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Self-Cutting Cable Ties - UV Black

Save time and frustration with the Self-Cutting Cable Tie. Unlike other "twist" tie options, the patented self-cutting design does not sacrifice any of the strength or durability of the cable tie and does not require multiple rotations to achieve a break in the tie. Simply lock the tie in place and twist once to remove the excess cable tie material. The easy lock and twist design does not require any additional cutting tools to complete the installation. The self-cutting tie is designed with a small cutting blade that is integrated into the head of each tie to ensure a tight lock and a quick, clean cut. This design improves the appearance of the end result and virtually eliminates residual jagged edges, which can cut into bare skin. Self-cutting cable ties are manufactured from durable 6/6 nylon and provide up to 50 pounds of tensile strength.

  • Available in 8", 11", and 14" cable tie lengths.
  • Safe and strong self-cutting patented technology.
  • Save time during installation with a single twist, no additional cutting tool needed.
  • Save your hands from cuts and scratches.
  • Use on the job, around the house, or in the workshop.
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9910 Self-Cutting Cable Ties, UV Black, 8" (100 MIN)
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9912 Self-Cutting Cable Ties, UV Black, 11" (100 MIN)
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9914 Self-Cutting Cable Ties, UV Black, 14" (100 MIN)
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