Shrink Tube

Shrink tube is one of the best ways to seal and insulate your application in the marine industry. Shrink tubing is often seen in wire runs or terminal connections to add one final layer of protection before being exposed to the elements. This is especially important in marine when electrical applications are faced with water, salt, and extreme temperatures. Depending on how tight you want the seal, Del City offers shrink tubing in multiple “shrink ratios.” For example, if the ratio is 2:1, it means the tube shrinks to half its size whereas if it’s 4:1, it shrinks to a quarter of the size. The varying ratios are great in marine when certain wires are exposed to rougher environments than others. Del City also offers adhesive lined shrink tubing. This added adhesive melts and flows to increase flexibility and completely encase the components within the shrink tube. Clear view is incredibly common in marine applications to see the components within. This makes it easier to detect any rust or possible issues with the wire. Del City offers clear view in a variety of shrink ratios and sizes to find your perfect fit. Kits are also available for those who need multiple kinds of shrink tape on hand. This product is great for quick fixes and should be a necessity on any boat or in any shop. Check out Del City’s wide variety of shrink tape colors, sizes, shrink ratios, and functions below!

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