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Vinyl-Insulated Locking Spade Terminals - 16-14 Gauge

Vinyl-Insulated, Locking Spade Terminals

Vinyl-Insulated, Locking Spade Terminals null null

Vinyl-insulated, locking spade terminals are used to mate, connect, or terminate a single wire, while allowing for a connection to a screw or stud type electrical connection. The vinyl material acts as an economic insulation type, while the shape of the spade terminal keeps the terminal locked around the stud, providing a more secure connection. Locking spade terminals are great for high vibration electrical applications.

  • This series is the most economical insulated terminal available.
  • The PVC insulation sleeve is securely fastened to the butted seam barrel.
  • The insulation has a flared entry for easier wire insertion.
  • Industry standard color-coding indicates wire range.
  • Rated 600 volts maximum, building wire; 1000 volts maximum, signs and fixtures.
  • Temperature rating: 105° C (221° F).
22-18 GAUGE 16-14 GAUGE 12-10 GAUGE
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482065 Locking Spade Terminal, 6 stud, 16-14 Ga (100 MIN)
0.05420 I 0.04690 I 0.03430
100 EA
482085 Locking Spade Terminal, 8 stud, 16-14 Ga (100 MIN)
0.05510 I 0.04780 I 0.03470
100 EA
482105 Locking Spade Terminal, 10 stud, 16-14 Ga (100 MIN)
0.05420 I 0.04690 I 0.03430
100 EA