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Circuit Alert Voltage Sensor - Electrician's Knife

The Gardner Bender RTK-21 electrician's knife is a utility knife, cable ripper and voltage sensor all-in-one. This tool features a quick change blade with the push of a button, a NM cable ripper and a detachable non-contact voltage sensor.

  • Change the blade quickly with the push of a button.
  • Heavy-duty blade with metal blade support.
  • Strips wires up to 12 gauge.
  • Includes NM cable ripper for #12/2 and #14/2 cable.
  • Convenient blade storage compartment.
  • A red light and rhythmic sound is activated if a voltage greater than 50 VAC is present.
  • Detachable circuit tester.
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989100 **OBSOLETE** Circuit Alert Utility Knife, with Wire Stripper RKT-21 (1 MIN) 18.21 1 EA Call