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Sperry Circuit Breaker Finder - Adapter Set

Provide safe working conditions with this Sperry circuit breaker finder as it quickly traces AC breakers and fuses using Smart Meter technology. Easy to use when on the job with its compact design and the magnetic backing allows usage without having to interrupt power or requiring any dials for adjustment. Plug transmitter and auto sensing receiver are both safe to use near sensitive electronic equipment. Audible sound and visual LED indicators are used for the alert. Find a reliable, quality trace with a tool that's easy to use when using a Sperry Circuit Tracker.

  • Use with 19064830 (CS61200) Circuit Tracker to trace switches, light fixtures or other live wiring not terminated with an outlet.
  • Extra long insulated leads quickly and easily attach to wires.
  • Plug-in transmitter fits into screw-in base to trace wires.
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19064847 Adapter Set For Circuit Breaker Finder Sperry CS61200AS (1 MIN) 17.04 1 EA