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Standard Braided Sleeving - 1/8"-3/8"

Braided sleeving is wire and cable sleeving that wraps and self-closes around a group of wires or cables. Braided wire loom has a braiding that is stretchy and springy, allowing wires to be pulled out or new ones inserted repeatedly. The loom is flexible enough to bend to a tight radius without distorting, splitting open or affecting the flexibility of the wires.

  • This braided self-wrap sleeving is soft and quiet in high vibration environments.
  • It's more flexible than split loom and more durable than spiral wrap.
  • Loom material allows wires to be pulled out or new ones inserted repeatedly if necessary.
  • Unlike rigid slit loom, it will not impair or affect the flexibility of the wires.
  • It retains its shape and rigidity from -75°C to 125°C (-103°F to 257°F).
  • Also available in bulk spool sizes.
1/8"-3/8" 1/2"-1" 1 1/4"-1 1/2"
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851 Braided Flexible Self Wrap, 1/8" (100ft MIN)
0.56640 I 0.47940 I 0.38940
100 FT
852 Braided Flexible Self Wrap, 1/4" (100ft MIN)
0.88740 I 0.75350 I 0.62350
100 FT
853 Braided Flexible Self Wrap, 3/8" (150ft MIN)
1.07 I 0.98800 I 0.85380
150 FT