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Stewart Warner Deluxe Series Transmission Oil Pressure Gauges - 0-400 PSI

Stewart Warner Deluxe Series transmission oil pressure gauges offer a quality 12 Volt solution for any marine or automotive application, including hot rods and speed boats. The white on black graphics gives the gauge a classic yet easy-to-read look.

  • 0-400psi/0-2756 kPa Transmission Oil and Drive Oil Pressure gauge.
  • 2-1/16" Electrical.
  • Dual scale, English dominant.
  • Stewart Warner DELUXE Series part number 82136.
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20-300PSI - DRIVE 25-400PSI - DRIVE 0-400PSI
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4000356 Trans/Drive Oil Press Gauge,2-1/16", Elec 0-400psi, DLX 82136 (1 MIN) 82.93 1 EA