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Stop Shock GFCI Circuit Tester

The Stop Shock GFCI circuit tester's advanced circuitry ensures that the ground path doesn't have too much resistance, which can indicate a failure of a breaker, a hazardous condition or can lead to energized metal housing.

  • Tests standard 3-wire and GFCI protected 120 volt outlets.
  • Advanced circuit tester detects hazardous ground conditions not identified by standard outlet testers.
  • Three color LEDs indicate 7 common wiring conditions.
  • GFCI function tests standard outlets that are wired in series with GFCI outlets (multiple outlets in kitchen or bath).
  • Soft grip ergonomic design does not "cut into hands".
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19064687 Stop Shock GFCI Circuit Tester With Ground Analyzer Sperry HGT6120 (1 MIN) 24.22 1 EA