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Sealed Keyed Ignition Switches - 2 Position

The sealed key 2 position switch is a sealed ignition switch manufactured with a thermoplastic material. The 2 position switch features an integral sealed Deutsch (DT06-6S) /AT Connector (14066100). The sealed areas of the 2 position switch feature O-rings and ultrasonic welding for superior protection. The ignition switch also provides spring return and anti-restart features on certain models.

  • Contact Ratings: 10A @ 12VDC, 5A @ 24VDC, 3A @ 36VDC, 2A @ 48VDC
  • Sealed: Contacts sealed front and back to IP67.
  • Hardware: Plastic facenut and nickel-plated brass backing nut.
  • Tested to SAE J259 for ignition switches.
  • Supplied with two matching keys, with boot.
  • Compatible with AT Series Connector: 14066100, Deutsch Connector: DT06-6S.
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73492 Sealed Keyed Ignition Switch, 2P (Off-Ign/Acc) (1 MIN) drawing
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