T-Tap Connector - 22-18 Gauge

T-Tap female connectors are made for quick and easy electrical connections. The T-Tap connector is capable of connecting to an insulated (solid or stranded) copper wire without you cutting or stripping the wire. The insulator of the T-tap connector is made of a flame retardant nylon, and the element is tin-plated brass. A T-tap connector works best by simply closing it over the wire and applying a slight crimp with a pliers. The tin-plated brass will then self-strip the wire’s insulation and allow you to connect into the circuit. T-taps can connect into the circuit through a male tab push-on terminal at the opposite side. The terminal’s connection completes a T-splice, and is advantageous because it also allows you to easily remove the connection when needed. A T-tap connector can be used in a variety of applications including signs, fixtures and luminaries. They are also common in wiring installation kits that come with aftermarket or add-on parts. T-tap connectors are not weather resistant, and they should not be used where exposed to the elements.

  • UL Listed and CSA Certified.
  • Rated for 600V.
  • Temperature Rating: 105°C (221°F).
  • Female T-tap connector mates with .250” male blades.

22-18 GAUGE 16-14 GAUGE 12 GAUGE
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