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LED Turn Signal Light

This LED turn signal light has a long life span up to 100,000 hours. This LED turn light is specifically designed for easily replacing old incandescent lights on Fleet and OEM applications. For proper LED light flashing, click here for LED Load Resistors.

  • Specifically designed for Fleet and OEM stop/turn/tail applications, these long life (100,000 hour) LEDs easily replace old incandescent lights.
  • Lights feature 9 diodes that are protected by a polycarbonate housing and lens.
  • Each light accepts the standard 3-contact male pigtail connectors (8705 & 8710) and mounts with a rubber grommet (8815)
  • SAE DOT rated for 12.8V DC
  • Rated for 12V DC, not 12.8V DC.
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7565 LED, 28 Diode, Sealed Side and Turn Signal Marker Light, Amber (1 MIN) Sale Price: 30.00
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