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Tap-In Connectors

Tap-in connectors will electrically tap into a wire without cutting or stripping the wire. The tap-in connector can be used on solid or stranded, tinned or copper conductors and mates with male bullet connectors, providing a removable plug connection.

  • Electrically tap into a wire in mid-span without cutting or stripping the wire.
  • Tap-in connectors mate with a .156" male bullet connector, making a reusable plug connect wiring termination
  • Materials: Insulator is Polypropylene, U-contact is Tin Plated copper
  • 18-14 AWG Solid or stranded, tinned or untinned (.75-1.5 mm2 sol. or str.) copper conductors.
  • Ratings: 18 AWG=7 amp, 16 AWG=10 amps, 14 AWG=15 amps
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908055 3M Scotchlok 901 Tap-In Bullet Receptacle, 18-14 Ga (100 MIN)
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