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Tap Connectors

Tap connectors are a type of fast and convenient wire splice connector that is used for splicing a new wire into an existing wire. These wire splice connectors contain moisture resistant grease providing a corrosion barrier and are commonly used in trailer lighting applications.

  • UL listed.
  • Wire splice connector contains a mineral oil base dielectric grease.
  • When closed, the grease provides a moisture-resistant barrier to destructive substances such as salt water and other corrosive elements.
  • 18-14 gauge, 600V 90˚C (194˚F).
  • 18 gauge: 7 amps; 16 gauge: 10 amps; 14 gauge: 15 amps.
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905665 3M Scotchlok 804 Moisture Resistant Tap Connector, 18-14 Ga (100 MIN)
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