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These sealed connectors are designed to allow multiple wires to be connected into one single terminal. The added heat shrink around the terminal facilitates in making a secure electrical connection, and to make the connection waterproof. Sealed connectors are commonly used in automotive and marine vehicles, but can also be used in other various electrical applications.

  • These connectors replace either the standard wire connector or quick splice when matting two wires with one.
  • The extra-active, free-flowing adhesive lining encapsulates multiple wires, helping eliminate wire pull-out and making the connection weatherproof.
  • A clearly marked dashed line helps to quickly identify wire gauge range and crimp die set.
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902205 Multi-Wire Shrink Tube Closed End Connector, 22-14 Ga (10 MIN)
0.54040 I 0.49640 I 0.38800
10 EA
902215 Multi-Wire Shrink Tube Closed End Connector, 18-10 Ga (10 MIN)
0.68670 I 0.63830 I 0.50850
10 EA