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Knockout Connector - 4-Way

4-Way Knockout Connector

4-Way Knockout Connector 4-Way Knockout Connectors

This knockout connector fits into existing bumper holes and mate with most standard 4-way, 4-pin flat molded connectors. This knockout eliminates the unsightly and corrosive effect of conventional plugs hanging loose below the bumper.

  • Mates with most 4-way conventional male plugs on the market.
  • Molded with 30" of 16 gauge wire, long enough to reach either side of the towing vehicle to tap into the trailer lights.
  • The wires are color coded - green, yellow, brown and white.
  • Mounting bracket (70985) is very simple to install, no holes to drill.
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74405 4-Way Molded Connector - Knockout Type 30" Female-only (1 MIN)
5.58 I 4.97 I 3.23
1 EA
70985 Mounting Bracket for 4-Way Female Knockout Type Molded Connector (1 MIN)
2.89 I 2.22 I 1.93
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