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Trailer Light Converter - Car Side

A taillight and trailer light converter is specifically designed for cars and trucks that have separate bulbs for signal operation, but need to operate trailers that utilize the same bulb for signaling. The converters conveniently connect to your vehicle's stop, tail and turn signals to the needed input for your trailer's single bulb signals. Clear installation directions are provided with each converter. Converters are available for either converting the car side lights, or converting the trailer side lights. A trailer molded plug connector end (5-wire to 4-way) is also available for easy tail light connector installation. All converting electrical devises listed below are rated up to 3 Amps and are specifically designed for 12 Volt DC systems.

  • For cars and trucks with separate bulbs for stop (red) and turn (amber or red) to operate the trailer lamps that have one bulb for both stop and turn without converter. Only the stop or turn will operate, not both.
  • For 12 Volt DC negative ground.
  • Amperage rating of up to 3 Amps.
  • Self-adhesive backing provided.
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74991 Trailer / Tail Light Converter - 3-wire to 2-wire, 18"
12.46100 12.46 I 11.13700 11.14 I 8.96300 8.96
1 EA
74993 Trailer / Tail Light Converter - 5-wire to 4-Way Molded Connector, 12" (1 MIN) (LIMITED QUANTITY)
23.23600 23.24 I 19.52 19.52 I 15.17300 15.17
1 EA
74995 Trailer / Tail Light Converter - 5-wire to 4-Way Molded Connector, 60"
26.88900 26.89 I 24.19800 24.20 I 19.10600 19.11
1 EA
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