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Universal 3 Stud Mount Lamp

Ideal for box trucks, delivery trucks and trailers, this incandescent universal 3 stud mount lamp is a dual stop, tail, turn signal and has an additional window for a back-up signal. This light is easy to install and allows easy bulb replacement.

  • Stud mount stop/turn/tail light with back-up and license illuminator built in.
  • Screw-on lens, easy to change bulbs.
  • Grounds through mounting studs.
  • Shock-proof socket guarantees long bulb life.
  • Acrylic lens, corrosion proof plastic housing.
  • Rated to 12.8V DC. 2.3A Stop/Turn, 0.9A Tail
  • FMVSS: S T A I R
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7925 Optronics ST60RB, Universal 3 Stud Mount Lamp, Red
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