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Universal Weatherproof Wire Harnesses - 26 Circuits

This 26 circuit weatherproof harness can be used to update the wiring in just about any on road or off road vehicle. This tough kit features: a weatherproof fuse block with an o-ring sealed cover, weatherproof heat sealed crimp-on terminals, weatherproof horn relay and machined crimped splices with weatherproof shrink tubing. This harness is adaptable to many of the original connector plugs in your vehicle and includes: pre-wire plugs for the headlights, GM turn signal and column mounted ignition switch connectors. This wire and cable harness includes circuits for: A/C and heat, accessory #1 (switched B+), accessory #2 (switched B+), accessory #3 (switched B+), accessory #4 (B+), accessory #5 (B+), accessory #6 (switched B+), accessory/cigarette lighter, brake lights, charging, fan relay activation power, dome light, electric choke, emergency flashers, fused power source, headlights, horn (relay), ignition coil, instrument panel lighting and gauges, park lights, radio/clock (constant and switched), starting, tail lights, third brake light, turn signals and wipers. These harnesses includes wires for: fuel gauge, oil gauge, tachometer, temperature gauge, voltmeter.

  • Number of Circuits: 26 Circuits - 20 fuses with horn relay and Maxi fuse.
  • Harness Length: Universal.
  • Fuse Type: Mini Blade and Maxi Fuse.
  • Firewall Passthrough: Grommet.
  • Color Code Based: Universal.
  • Circuit Designations: Printed on wires.
  • Connectors Included: GM column mounted ignition and turn switches, dimmer switch and two headlight pigtails.
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