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1"-2" Volcano Woven Exhaust Pipe Wrap - 15 Feet

This woven high temp wrap is made from a continuous filament basalt fiber, and it provides protection from temperatures up to 1,300°F. It is designed to wrap around exhaust pipes. It is 25% stronger and provides protection to higher temperatures than standard fiberglass wrap. The wrap is easy to install, looks good, and will not exhibit any vibration damage over long periods of use.

  • High temp resistance - up to 1,300°F.
  • Easy to install.
  • Resists gasoline and engine chemicals.
  • Wrap can be terminated with a Clamp Making Tool.
  • Use with other Exhaust Products.
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61000 Techflex VWN1.00BA, Volcano Wrap, Woven Exhuast Pipe Wrap, 1"
0.72500 10.88 I 0.69100 10.36 I 0.59800 8.97
15 FT
61500 Techflex VWN2.00BA, Volcano Wrap, Woven Exhuast Pipe Wrap, 2"
1.44900 21.73 I 1.38700 20.80 I 1.25200 18.78
15 FT
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