Weather Pack Kits

Weather Pack connectors are a high quality environmental connector system that is designed for the engine compartment of a vehicle. They are also the ideal choice when building custom wire harnesses, custom applications, or replacing individual parts in an install. Del City makes it easy for you to have the Weather Pack connectors you need on hand for your unique install or replacement by offering Weather Pack Kits. These kits contain some of the main components you need for completing a new connector system or replacing components of an existing one. The larger of the Weather Pack kits contains all of the connector housing, terminals, and seals needed to complete a 1, 2, 3, or 4-way connector system. With a total of 1,280 pieces, you have all of the components you need to build a new connection system in one kit. The smaller of the Weather Pack kits contains the terminals, seals, and tools you need to make easy replacements. The 1,100 piece kit contains the terminals, seals, removal tool, and crimping tools required to replace or complete a Weather Pack connection. If you already have the tools, take a look at our 425 piece kit that contains just the seals and terminals. Whether you are ready to begin a new custom install or if you are just doing some replacements, having one of our Weather Pack kits on hand will help ensure you have the parts and tools you need to get the job done.

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