Weather Pack Wire Connectors & Components

Weather Pack Connectors are the premium line of environmental connectors manufactured by Delphi/Packard. Weather Pack connectors are designed for the engine compartment of a vehicle and are the ideal connector choice when building custom wire harnesses, or when replacing individual components on an existing harness or install. Due to their environmental design for the engine compartment, Weather Pack connectors are commonly used as GM and Ford connectors. Weather Pack connectors have the great ability to be compatible with many of the common automobile models out there today because of their high performance. Automotive use is not the only time Weather Pack connectors are your ideal choice, however, they can also be used in marine, fleet, agricultural, and other non-vehicle specific electrical applications. Del City carries a full line of all of the components needed to complete the setup of Weather Pack connectors. These components include male and female sealed connectors, male and female terminals, cavity seals, and plugs. The Weather Pack connectors are available in 1-way, 2-way, 3-way, 4-way flat and square, and 6-way selections. Crimping tools and a removal tool are also available to help complete the installation of the Weather Pack connectors.

Along with the standard line of components of Weather Pack connectors, bulkhead and assembled pigtails options are also available. The bulkhead 22-way connector system is a weather-proof, through-panel connection that is ideal for harsh environments that need a high wire connection hold. Assembled pigtail versions of our standard Weather Pack connectors are available so you can receive all of the benefits of Weather Pack connectors while eliminating the installation time. With all of the crimping and inserting done for you, assembled pigtail connectors can be easily spliced into existing wiring setups. Kits containing the components of our Weather Pack connectors and their systems are also offered and are specifically designed and pre-filled to ensure you have continual and plentiful inventory for your fleet and ongoing projects. Shop our line of Weather Pack connectors, kits, and tools to get an environmental and durable wiring connection for your harness, project, or install.

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