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Weathertight Pigtails

Weathertight contacts provide a sealed connection for stop, tail, turn lights and signal/parking lights. Convert existing 3-contact lights to a weathertight connection using the weathertight pigtail adapter. Each plug is designed for hooking up standard stop, tail, turn lights on vehicles and trailers.

  • Pigtails are designed to be used with new lights or as a replacement of an existing pigtail connection.
  • Item 7210 a pre-terminated grounding wire with ring terminal.
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7210 Weathertight Pigtail (1 MIN)
3.32200 I 2.55600 I 2.12200
1 EA
7211 Weathertight Pigtail/PL-3 Adapter (1 MIN)
3.75700 I 2.78400 I 2.39100
1 EA
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