Wire Connection Systems

For a strong and reliable connection, Del City offers multiple wire connection systems for your marine application. We know that each situation is different, so we offer specific systems to meet your exact needs. Whether it’s a custom wire harness, an engine compartment, or anything in between; a wire connection system is crucial for a marine application. Del City offers high quality systems such as Weather Pack, Deutsch, Metri-Pack, GT Series, TE AMP SuperSeal, Anderson, and Deutsch compatible A Series. These systems offer the full package for protection and a proper connection. Depending on your application, some may fit better than others. Deutsch connectors are available in four different configurations to meet your exact needs. Metri-Pack connection systems are OEM style system and are a great fit for the marine industry. The GT Series is often used in off-road applications where a rugged terrain is expected. Anderson connectors are an industry leading connector system that provides a great connection with easy installation. For more specialized applications, check out the TE SuperSeal, WAGO connectors, or closed end connectors. To finish off the connection, don’t forget to the Delphi terminals and seals. With this variety, your electrical connection will be complete at Del City.

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