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Weather Pack Female Housing - 6-Way

A Weather Pack connector is manufactured of nylon plastic and has silicone seals to prevent moisture and dust ingress. Weather pack connectors ensure secure connectivity as each connector has a locking mechanism that align the terminal and seal, and acts as a strain relief for the terminals.

  • Use weather packs for automotive, marine, agricultural and other harsh environmental applications.
  • The weather pack was designed for the engine compartment of a vehicle.
  • Positive snap-action locking. Secondary locking helps terminal retention and provides access to the terminals for service.
  • Stops in all cavities to insure proper insertion of terminals.
  • All connectors indexed to prevent mis-mating.
  • Rated -40°C to 125°C.
  • Male terminals connect with "shroud (male)" housings and female terminals connect with "tower (female)" housings.
  • Housing, Terminals, Plugs and Seals sold separately.
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