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3M Wire Connectors - Scotchlok 2

3M Scotchlok connectors are a two-wire connector that is engineered and designed to allow for greater wire capacity. Each Scotchlok 2 wire connector will replace two standard wing/nut connectors. The 3 connector sizes offered below can complete the job that used to take 8 connector sizes to accomplish. These 3m connectors have flexible skirts that provide protection and readily bend to conform and fit in tight places. Scotchlok 3m wire nuts are for jobs requiring multiple connections as they provide an easy and painless installation process with better resulting connectivity.

  • Increased wire range allows for more connection abilities.
  • Connectors skirt provides flexibility and protection.
  • Rated 600V.
  • UL listed and CSA certified.
  • UL File #E23438CS and File #LR15503.
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1+ I 1000+ I 5000+
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901505 3M Scotchlock 2 Connector, Orange/Blue Wing Style (100 MIN)
0.22890 I 0.18070 I 0.14990
100 EA
901525 3M Scotchlock 2 Connector, Yellow/Red Wing Style (100 MIN)
0.36700 I 0.29350 I 0.24380
100 EA
901535 3M Scotchlock 2 Connector, Blue/Grey Wing Style (100 MIN)
1.34 I 1.03 I 0.85590
100 EA