Wireless Digital Inspection Camera

See behind walls, through pipes, and into ductwork to easily inspect wiring, applications, and infrastructure easily with a digital inspection camera. The Gardner Bender inspection camera provides a safe, quick, and cost-effective solution for inspecting and assuring your work. This device features a water-resistant and non-conductive (up to 500 volts) 3-foot tube with a dust-proof and water-resistant 9mm camera. The tubing also features an adjustable LED light at the tip to allow the user to view into spaces they normally would be unable to reach. The digital inspection camera creates and utilizes its own private WiFi network to transmit images form the camera to any iOS or Android enabled smart device via a free downloadable app. The resulting images are projected in full color and can be captured as still images or video to send to other devices or people. Get into hard to reach and difficult to see areas with minimum invasion with the Gardner Bender digital inspection camera.

  • No Internet Needed: device creates a WiFi signal to connect user's smart-phone or tablet.
  • Connects to a free, downloadable app for iOS (8 or older) or Android devices.
  • Captures live, full color video.
  • 3 foot water-resistant flexible tube with 9mm camera and LED light.
  • Non-conductive up to 500 volts.
  • Transmits up to 30 feet.
  • Powered by four (4) AA batteries (not included).
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