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Y & Reverse Y Adapter

Y and reverse Y adapters are commonly used as a power connection for marine applications, as they allow for more than one dockside connection. Y adapters are used in wet locations and power dockside tools, equipment or even a second boat.

  • The reverse "Y" adapter has two male plugs with special power isolation circuitry for added safety.
  • When on plug is connected to a receptacle, the circuitry isolates the second plug.
  • The reverse "Y" provides 50A 125/250V power when only 30A 125V receptacles are available.
  • Boat side: 50A 125/250V w/ sealing collar system.
  • Dock side: (2) 30A 125V locking.
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19012111 Reverse "Y" Adapter, 50A, 125/250V Female to 2-30A Male (1 MIN) 476.53 1 EA