Standard Non-Split Loom

Non-Split wire loom tubing is generally used for organizing, protecting, and holding wire and cable runs in place within all types of applications and projects. Del City offers a variety of non-split loom tubing options with varying characteristics including material type, diameter size, and run length. The material options available for our split loom tubing includes standard polyethylene and high-temperature non-split wire loom. The standard non-split loom is commonly used for various automotive, marine, and industrial wiring applications. Standard non-split loom tubing helps protect against abrasion and crushing of the wires and cables housed within. Standard non-split loom tubing is available in black. Our high-temperature non-split wire loom provides the same level of protection as our standard loom while also providing a heat resistant range up to 300°F, making it the ideal non-split loom choice for high heat environments. The non-split wire loom is offered in diameter sizes ranging from 1/4 inch to 2 1/2 inches. The lengths of the non-split loom vary from 50 feet all the way up to 2,500 feet, so you can get as little or as much non-split loom needed to get the job done. Quality control throughout the extrusion of the non-split loom tubing allows for uniform thickness along the entire run length. With a variety of non-split loom types and sizes available, you can easily find the non-split loom tubing that will meet the demands of your vehicle, application, or project. Using non-split wire loom will significantly increase the longevity of your project, vehicle, or application while providing easy organization.

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