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Infinity Box inMOTION Control Module

The J1939 inMOTION motor controller gives you a modular and flexible power distribution unit, designed to control outputs that need to change direction. This includes valve solenoids, linear actuators, window motors and lock solenoids. The polarity control for these devices is built directly into the inMOTION cell. Additionally, inMOTION is a smart cell. It learns the nominal current flow for each output and stores this in permanent memory. If the current flow to the load exceeds its learned value, it shuts off the output. This offers great flexibility in limiting travel of moving actuators by eliminating the need for limit switches. You simply connect power and ground to the cell, connect the inMOTION outputs, train the cell and connect your J1939 device. The inMOTION cell is programmed to accept J1939 CAN messages from a variety of sources to turn the outputs on and off. This dramatically simplifies the overall electrical architecture in the vehicle by eliminating a significant amount of the wiring required from the switches. Module features include: simple control from any J1939 switch or touch screen, H-bridge pairs for polarity reversing, internal current sensors for monitoring output load, integrated fuses for harness protection, standard automotive connectors for simple harnessing, enclosures sealed for mounting flexibility, output configuration set by CAN messages sent from J1939 input device, over-ride buttons in cell for manual control of outputs. Enclosures and connectors sealed to IP67. Standard Delphi Packard connectors and terminals. All materials are UL 94V0.

  • Input voltage range: 6-16.2V DC.
  • Maximum number of outputs: 5 polarity reversed pairs. Current capability: 20A per pair.
  • Output node technology: H-Bridge relay with current monitoring.
  • Maximum Temperature: 85°C.
  • Integrated buttons to manually cycle outputs.
  • Required items to complete wiring of PowerCell: 1 inMotion Harness Kit, 1 CAN Component Kit, and 10 Mini Fuses.
  • Each cell must have its primary feeds protected as well. You can achieve this protection with your choice of MIDI Fuses and Holders, MEGA Fuses and Holders, or Circuit Breakers.
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