Frequently Asked Questions

What is your order minimum?
Del City does not have a minimum order size and there is not a service charge for small orders, enabling you to order only what you need. In some instances, products are offered in quantities greater than one, in which case a quantity minimum may apply however, there is never a dollar amount minimum for your order.

Is there someone I can contact directly to place my order?
Del City Account Representatives are available from 7:00 am - 5:00 pm CST Monday through Friday to place your order or answer questions you may have. Simply dial 1-800-654-4757 to speak with them. Orders can also be faxed to 1-800-431-1293.

What types of accounts do you offer?
There are two options for your convenience in setting up an account with Del City.

1. Credit Card Account - your credit card number is kept on file and charged automatically each time you place an order with us.
2. Open Account – Del City’s terms are 1%10, net 30. Please allow 1-2 weeks for an open account to be set up. If you have an acceptable Dun & Bradstreet rating your account can be set up the same day. Del City also sends you monthly statements. Click here for more detailed information on establishing an open account.

* Any first time orders placed at will be charged to the credit card listed. Your account will remain a credit card account for all orders via phone, fax, and our web site unless we receive a request from you for a change in your account type.

How will my order ship?
We ship most often UPS Ground, but will ship RPS and common carrier per your request, keeping size and weight restrictions in mind. We always try to ship via the most economical means. Air freight and other premium freight services are also available. Oversized packages, special order items, shipments to Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories may cost additional. If you’ve placed an order that has not yet arrived at your location go to our order tracking page to check its progress.

Does Del City have outside representatives that can visit me?
At this time Del City does not have a team of representatives that can visit you frequently. Del City may expand its outside sales force at a later date. If you desire a personal meeting with a Del City representative call 1-800-654-4757 or contact us for special arrangements.

What if I don’t find the Del City product that I’m looking for on the web?
All of Del City's current catalog products are included online. If you cannot find the item you are looking for, call 1-800-654-4757 to speak with one of our Account Representatives, to see if the item has been discontinued, or if there is an issue with an item.

How can I get a lower price?
In many instances we may be able to offer a lower price for high volume purchases. This is determined on an individual basis depending on the selection of products. Just call 1-800-654-4757 or request a quote to inquire about lower prices.

Does Del City carry products in retail packaging?
The majority of Del City products are packaged in bulk quantities. However there are some products that can be ordered individually and are packaged one to a bag. No retail packaging or special labeling is available.

Does Del City have contracts with distributors?
Del City does not have exclusive contracts with distributors. Anyone who would like to purchase Del City products can do so by phone, mail, fax or online at