Electrical Switches

Del City carries one of the largest selections of electrical switches in the market, with 500+ electric switch options available. The line of switches below features a variety of characteristics and specs to meet the specific demands of your vehicle, application, or custom install. Shop our huge selection of toggle, rocker, push button, battery, ignition, turn signal, and many more electric switch types below!

The electrical and automotive switches below feature varying characteristics for different sets of benefits depending on your specific application. These characteristics include: actuator type, body construction, switch size, terminal type, voltage rating, sealing solutions, and illumination. Seven (7) actuator options are available throughout the electrical switch selection below including standard SPST, SPDT, DPST, and DPDT. Electric switch size and construction is designed to complement and accommodate the size requirements and mounting holes shape of your application. It is important to keep both the size of your application and mounting hole in mind when selecting your automotive or electrical switches. Terminal types including flat, screw, and solder terminal options can be found throughout the switch selection. Each switch type offers illuminated and/or non-illuminated options for a variety of professional switch install styles. Most of the electrical and automotive switches at Del City are 12V but select switches are rated higher. Shop the huge electrical switch selection below to find the best match and accessories for your application or install.

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