Electrical Switches

Del City offers an extensive selection of electrical switches to fit an array of applications and installs. From marine and automotive, to industrial or custom builds, our line of electric switches feature a variety of characteristics and specs to meet the needs of your standard or unique application. Shop our offering of toggle, rocker, push button, battery, ignition, turn signal, and many more switch types below.

Finding the exact electrical switch required is easy at Del City. With so many unique styles available, you can select just the right type for your job. The electric switches below carry different characteristics including actuator type, body construction, switch size, terminal type, voltage rating, sealing solutions, and illumination. Seven (7) different actuator options are available within our electrical switches including the standard SPST, SPDT, DPST, and DPDT. Specialty actuator types like 3PDT, 4PST, and 4PDT are also available. Body construction and switch size of the electrical switches below vary within each specific switch line, from miniature to full-size. The sizes and construction are designed to accommodate the size of an application or the mounting hole shape – it is important to remember both of these requirements when selecting your electric switches. Various terminal types are offered throughout our switch line including flat, screw, or solder terminals. Each type of switch also contains a variety of illuminated and non-illuminated options. When considering voltage, most electrical switches offered at Del City are 12V but select switches are rated higher. If sealing the switch and circuit from the elements is a top concern, selecting an electric switch with an O-ring or epoxy sealant is recommended. With over 500 switches with varying characteristics available, Del City strives to ensure that you will find the right switch and electrical accessories you need for your standard or custom application.

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