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Battery Isolators - 70 Amp

Battery Isolators

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ProMariner Battery Isolators are solid-state devices which allow electrical current to flow in one direction only. They efficiently utilize the energy produced by the alternators and distribute the power evenly to each battery. The isolators allows the batteries to charge together but isolate each battery during operation. They allow one or two alternators to be connected to multiple battery banks without fear of fully charged batteries discharging into undercharged batteries. Please note that these products are meant to be used with negative ground alternator systems, and are not recommended for use with self energizing style alternators.

  • Rated for use with negative ground alternator systems ranging from 10 amps to 130 amps output
  • Will operate on 6, 12, 24, 32, and 36 volt systems
  • Mount in a well-ventilated location as near to the alternator as possible
  • Do not mount on an engine or in proximity to an exhaust manifold
70 AMP 130 AMP
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901702 ProMariner Battery Isolator, 1 Alternator/2 Batteries, 70 Amp (1 MIN) 90.63 1 EA
901703 ProMariner Battery Isolator, 1 Alternator/3 Batteries, 70 Amp (1 MIN) 113.29 1 EA
902702 ProMariner Battery Isolator, 2 Alternator/2 Batteries, 70 Amp (1 MIN) 154.49 1 EA
902703 ProMariner Battery Isolator, 2 Alternator/3 Batteries, 70 Amp (1 MIN) 164.79 1 EA