Emergency Warning Lights

Emergency warning lights is lighting specifically designed to be mounted onto emergency, construction, or work vehicles to provide highly visible warning and caution to other vehicles. Del City carries a wide range of emergency warning lights, including safety directors, strobe directionals, beacon lights, mini bars, and a variety of LED warning lights. Warning lights are designed with easy-to-install assembly for any truck, fleet, or emergency vehicle application. LED safety lights and directionals are available in a variety of styles, including Class 1, Class 2, and standard warning light options. Emergency beacon safety lights range from Class 1 to Class 3 varieties and are available with either halogen or LED lights. Mini bars are designed to easily mount on your vehicle and feature a variety of lens colors, light colors, and illumination styles.

Class 1 safety lights are specifically designed for use as emergency vehicle warning lights. This class of safety light features high-intensity lights that are much brighter than your standard safety light. The Class 1 emergency vehicle warning lights are also available in specific colors, restricting them for police, fire, and first responder use. Class 2 safety lights are ideal for vehicles that need high presence visibility to the other vehicles around them, such as construction fleets. Finally, Class 3 emergency warning lights are made for smaller caution machinery, such as forklifts. Class 3 lights feature reduced lighting for less glare and intensity. Provide added visibility to your vehicles on the road or in the work area by adding emergency warning lights and LED safety lights.