Universal Automotive Wire Harnesses

Automotive wire harnesses are preassembled to be an easy and quick install into your vehicle or build. Depending on the application, the preassembled harnesses will contain on average 15 to 18 different groups of wires that are set and wire-tied together. Instead of manually routing over 100 individual wires, simply route the 15-18 prewired sections. Each preassembled wire run is created with high quality TXL (thermal cross-link) wire. TXL wire is manufactured with a small, light-weight setup for easy wiring while still providing excellent conductivity and temperature protection (-51°C to 125°C/-60°F to 257°F). For simple and straightforward installation, each wire in the harness has its specific function printed on it every few inches for the entire length of the wire. At the center of every harness is a premium quality, OEM-style fuse block. The fuse block features blade-type fuses and clearly labeled circuits. Once installed, the fuse block will provide years of trouble free service.

You don’t need an electrical engineering degree to wire up one of these universal automotive wire harnesses. No need to read through confusing wire schematic either, simply follow the straight forward instructions provided to complete your wire harness install. Installation simply requires the user to mount the fuse block and then route the wires as indicated. Each chassis harness comes out of the box with the wiring hand terminated to the central fuse block. Corrosion resistant terminals, solid mounting points, superior construction, and compact design to ensure the automotive wire harnesses will provide a long service life. The automotive wire harnesses below provide endless flexibility to be creative with your unique mount, truck mount, muscle car, or pick-up truck project.

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