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Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are a type of switch designed to disrupt electrical current when an overload or short occurs. They are an essential safety component that provides thermal overload protection to many diverse applications including, marine, automotive, ambulance fire equipment, portable generators, and other electrical applications. Below is a full selection of single pole breaker switches. Characteristics differ with each offering. The difference in characteristics provides you with different specifics that provided different benefits for different applications. Differences between each offering can include voltage range, amperage range, mounting style, compatibility and blade types. Voltage ranges and amperage ranges allow the right protection needed for an array of different demanding electrical applications. The high amperage, mid-range and some low amperage breaker switches are designed to be panel mounted or surface mounted. Blade types are designed to be inserted into fuse panels. With this array, compatibility is also something that is offered. Some of the offerings below are specifically meant for marine or wet environment applications, while others are meant to be used as automotive breaker switches. The abundance of unique characteristics that the entire breaker switch line carries ensures that the demands of various electrical and vehicle applications are met.