Electrical Wire

Electrical wire is a core component to any electrical application and is also a core piece of Del City’s product offering. The wire selection offered below is commonly used as, but not limited to, automotive wire in vehicle applications. The wire and cable primarily features insulated copper wire, making it ideal for automotive electrical wire choice for vehicles and other applications. General wiring projects, marine wiring, and industrial wiring applications all commonly used many of the wiring options below, subject to ratings. With over 15 types of wire and cable available, Del City strives to offer you the best wire for your unique application.

Del City’s electrical wire options includes: primary wire, battery cable, cross-link wire, parallel wire, trailer cable, welding cable, marine cable, marine grade tinned wire, shielded wire, dual booster cable, power cord, brake cable, RVI wire, speaker wire, and ripcord. Each electrical and automotive wiring offering below is available in a variety of gauge sizes, lengths, ratings, and colors. All of the wire and cable follows the industry standard primary coloring for quick and easy identification. Wire harnesses are also offered for a quick and easy install for your build. With a prewired setup and simple installs, routing the wires within the electrical wire harness is a simple task. For an emergency alternative to standard electrical clamps, safety wire can be used with the clamp making tool to create a permanent or temporary clamp for emergency or general clamping needs. To keep your shop, wires, and cables organized, wire spool racks and markers are offered. Whether you are searching for a simple electrical wire replacement or need to create a custom harness, Del City is your direct connection for all of your electrical wire needs.

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