Heat Shrink Tubing & Shrink Tape

Shrink tube and shrink tape is designed to secure, seal, and insulate electrical components within your install. From wire runs to terminal connections, keep your electrical setups secure and protected with some heat shrink tape and tubing. Essentially, heat shrink tape or shrink tube acts as an extra layer of protection against moisture, debris, and wire pull out. Del City’s selection of heat shrink tubing is available in a variety of materials, shrink ratios, colors, sizes, and thicknesses. Shrink tube is commonly used in automotive and marine applications, but can be beneficial for a variety of other electrical applications requiring extra protection. Heat shrink tubing is manufactured with polyimide adhesive that will melt and flow when heated, fully encapsulating and sealing the components contained within. Along with shrink tube, a variety of heat shrink tape is available for quick repair and protection. From single wall and colored tubing, to triple wall and adhesive-lined, find just the right protective shrink tube and heat shrink tape for your unique application or install.

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