Heat Shrink Tubing & Shrink Tape

Heat shrink tape and shrink tube are designed to best seal, secure, and insulate electrical components. Heat shrink tube and heat shrink tape are ideal for a variety of situations where your application requires a tight, secure fitting seal. Commonly found in wire runs or terminal connections, heat shrink tape and tubing can keep your electrical setups protected. Basically, the heat shrink adds an extra layer of protection. The heat shrink tape or shrink tube fits closer to your electrical application to keep out potential wear and tear such as moisture, dust or debris. Heat shrink tape or tubing also prevents against wire pull out. Del City’s wide selection of heat shrink tube and tape comes in a variety of materials, shrink ratios, colors, sizes, and thickness. Shrink tube is often seen in marine or automotive applications, though is beneficial in a large variety of electrical applications where extra protection is wanted. The heat shrink tubing and heat shrink tape are constructed using a polyimide adhesive. This adhesive melts and flows when heated. The flexibility from the melted heat shrink tubing will completely encapsulate the components within. This makes for a clean and secure seal. Your components will be properly sealed within the shrink tube or tape after installation. Heat shrink tape is best used for quick repairs and protection, and is very easy to use. Varieties including single wall, double wall, colored tubing, triple wall, adhesive lines and more, find the heat shrink tubing that is right for you!

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