Cable Ties & Wire Fasteners

Secure your electrical wire and cables and keep your project or application organized with wire ties, cable ties, wire fasteners, cord clips, clamps and more. Designed to provide a secure grip, Del City's selection of professional grade cable ties, clamps, and wire fasteners provide the high quality performance needed for the job. With a wide variety of zip ties available, finding the one to best meet the needs of your application or project is simple. Receive up to 50% more tensile strength and 15% larger bundle diameters with Del City's standard zip ties. For industrial or vehicular applications, heavy-duty zip ties provide the added strength and durability needed to keep your bundles secure. HVAC zip ties are heat-stabilized and designed to last in any heating, ventilating, or air conditioning system. Our selection of colored zip ties is ideal for identifying and organizing different bundles. Releasable ties allow you to easily resize any bundle, while still offering the same strength of our standard zip ties. Mounting zip ties make it easy to fasten your wires and then mount them to a wall, panel, or chassis. We also carry a line of specialty wire ties including self-cutting, extreme temp, stainless steel, beaded, precision lock wire ties and more. With each wire tie and clamp offering below, there comes an array of characteristics which provide different sets of benefits and abilities. For zip ties, some of those characteristics include: color, fastening type, and zip tie material. Wire tie mounts are available in varying colors, mounting base sizes, and mounting types. Some of the wire tie mount types include adhesive, screw, and push mount. The different characteristics found in our cable clamps and clips offering includes size, color, clip material, and clip shape. Tools to assist in using wire ties and zip ties are also available. These tools will pull and cut your zip ties to create a secure and tight bundle. Our high quality zip ties, cable ties, wire fasteners, clamps and clips are available in bulk quantities, saving you time and money. Shop our wide variety of wire ties, wire fasteners, and tools, all stocked and ready to fit your applications needs.

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