Cable Ties & Wire Fasteners

Quality cable ties and wire fasteners are crucial for an electrical job well done. Cable fasteners make for proper organization and security, with the added bonus of discounts for bulk orders. With 15% larger bundle diameters and 50% more tensile strength, Del City’s standard cable ties can outperform other standard cable fasteners. For a tougher industrial or vehicular application, heavy-duty cable ties are offered. These cable fasteners get the tougher job done with extra strength and added protection, all while providing a durable application. Need cable fasteners for a commercial or residential building? HVAC ties are heat-stabilized. These are ideal for ventilating, heating, or air conditioning systems where temperatures may change frequently. Colored cable ties are best to organize multiple cables, so that your applications don’t get mixed up. By coordinating the colored cable fasteners, you can easily keep track of each wire’s purpose. For a less rigid option, releasable cable ties allow for resizing of bundles or changing size. Mounting cable fasteners are great when your wires need to be attached to a wall or other surface. Providing stability while attached to your application, mounting cable ties are great to have on hand. For more specific applications, Del City carries specialty wire fasteners. These include self-cutting cable ties, extreme temperature wire fasteners, stainless steel cable fasteners, beaded ties, and precision lock wire ties. For attachment, wire mounts are available. These include various colors, base sizes, and mount types. For mount types, Del City offers adhesive, screw, and push mount varieties. Finally, Del City offers tools to help with your wire tie application. Wire tools pull and cut your cable fasteners for the most secure fit. See below for Del City’s wide variety of cable ties, tie mounts, and wire tie tools.

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