Wire Loom & Loom Clamps

Wire loom and loom clamps protect wire runs against vibration, moisture, and other natural elements. Commonly used on vehicles, automotive wire loom helps shield exposed wire runs from destruction. The wiring loom selection offered below can be used on a variety of electrical applications outside of automotive, however. Marine, high temperature or harsh environments, and other electrical applications with exposed wire runs can benefit from the use and protection of cable and wiring loom. The different wire looms available from Del City not only protect wires but also keep your wire and cable runs organized while adding a professional and clean look to your application. Different characteristics are found with each wiring loom listed below including material, temperature rating, color, and even how the wire is housed within the wire loom. Specific benefits are provided based on the use of the electrical and automotive wire loom within an application.

Split wire loom is one of the most popular and standard conduits. It contains a slit for easy insertion and remains closed for complete protection. Many variations of split wire looms are available including standard black and red, high temperature, UV resistant, and flame retardant. Expandable sleeving is designed for simple installation while providing a tight fit and is available in many styles including heavy wall, colored, flat filament, rodent resistant, and more. Braided wire loom self-wraps and closes around the runs in your application. Braided loom is available in standard black and orange, flame retardant, and metal selections. Woven wiring loom is a flexible mesh that is ideal for high vibration environments and is offered in standard, flame retardant, and heavy-duty varieties. Fiberglass high temperature wire looms contain braided, jacketed, or woven fiberglass which provides extra resistance in high temp environments and is available in eight different styles. Additional wiring loom options include heat shrink fabric wire loom, crush resistant, asphalt coated cloth loom, and spiral wrap. The wide variety of wire looms ensures that you will find the best protection based on your applications demands. Along with our wiring loom, wire loom clamps are available to fasten your wire and cable bundles in place. These clamps help reduce vibration and prevent wire runs from falling out or moving out of position. Additional wire loom accessories are also available. Wire loom clips and connectors accommodate the installation of your wiring loom as well as provide necessary installation connections when building a wire harness. The loom insertion tool allows wires, cables and cords to easily feed into the wire tubing. Protect and organize your wiring projects with wire loom and accessories today.

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