Wire Loom & Loom Clamps

Automotive wire loom should be your go-to product when it comes to protection for your automotive and electrical applications. Loom sleeving protects your electrical application from vibration, moisture, and other elements. Automotive wire loom ensures your application is running strong by shielding vehicles and other applications that are at risk for wear and other destruction. Del City offers over 50 types of loom, including braided wire loom and split loom, to easily keep your application protected. With this variety of loom, marine, automotive, and other applications can be protected. Multiple loom types are great for organizing your work for a clean and professional look. Add in loom clamps and this is especially true!

Each typing or wire loom varies on their specific characteristics. Material, temperature rating, and color are key distinguishers for automotive wire loom. Split loom is very commonly used in the automotive world. Split loom is available in black, red, high temperature, flame retardant, UV resistant, or slotted. With this variety, Split loom is one of the most versatile types of automotive wiring loom. Split loom contains a slit and makes for the easy insertion of wires so that your job does not get tangled. Even with the slit, full protection is still guaranteed. Expandable sleeving provides a great benefit when you need a secure fit with easy application. Del City carries more than 14 types of expandable sleeving including tight weave, heavy-duty, chrome, and noise reduction. Wire protection for high temperatures is available as well. Braided wire loom is also a very common type of automotive wire loom. Braided wire loom comes in many forms including standard, thick wall, reusable, and flame retardant. With this variety, braided wire loom is one of the most versatile in the bunch. Need something different? Heat shrink loom, asphalt coated, metal sleeving, and insulation conduit are also available for automotive wire loom. With the selection of loom including split loom, braided wire loom, specialty loom, and more, you are sure to find the right fit for you. For extra organization, Del City provides loom clamps. These include zinc, aluminum, steel, and plastic options. For securing a main power supply, such as a wire harness, a plastic loom clamp would be ideal. Need help inserting the wire into your loom? A wiring loom insertion tool is available for your convenience. Shop Del City’s variety of automotive wire loom, braided wire loom, and split loom today!

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