Wire Loom & Loom Clamps

When you need protection for your automotive and electrical applications, automotive loom should be you go-to product. Designed to protect from vibration, moisture, and other natural elements, loom sleeving ensures that your application stays running strong. Automotive wire loom shields vehicles and other applications that are at risk for destruction and wear. With 50+ loom types offered, including braided wire loom, it is east to keep your automotive, marine, or other applications protected. Not only does wiring loom offer protection for your application, but also organizes your electrical work for a clean and professional look. This is especially true when loom clips are involved.

Each wiring loom type includes varying characteristics. Most can be defined based on their material, temperature rating, and color. Split loom is a commonly used automotive wiring loom and is available in standard black or red, high temperature, flame retardant, UV resistant loom, or slotted. Split loom contains a slit on the side. This makes for easy insertion of wires and makes sure that your electrical job does not get tangled. This type of wiring loom still provides complete protection, even with the slit on that side. When you need a secure fit with easy application, expandable sleeving could be of help. With 14+ styles of expandable sleeving at Del City, you are sure to find a fit. These include tight weave, heavy-duty, chrome, and noise reduction. High temperature wiring protection is available from Del City as well. The braided wiring loom comes in many forms including standard, thick wall, reusable, and flame retardant. Want more options? Asphalt coated, heat shrink loom, metal sleeving, and insulation conduit is also available. With this wide of a selection of loom, you are sure to find the right fit for your project. Loom clamps and wire loom clips are a part of the loom category to keep things extra organization and protection. The variety of loom clamps is plentiful including zinc, aluminum, steel, and plastic. Plastic loom clamps are best used in securing a main power supply, such as a wire harness. A wiring loom insertion tool is available to you to make inserting wire a breeze. Use Del City’s braided wire loom to protect, secure, and organize your specific electrical application today!

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