Wire Connectors, Electrical Connectors, & Quick Splices

Wire connectors and electrical connectors are commonly used when making wiring connections in applications such as engine compartments, industrial equipment, or when building wire harnesses. At Del City, we carry many different selections of electrical wire connectors ranging from electrical systems and wire terminals, to quick splices and tap connectors. Del City's selection of wire connector systems includes Weather Pack, Metri Pack, Deutsch Compatible A-Series, Packard 56 Series, and GT 150 wire connector series. Weather Pack wire connectors are a premium and environmental line of sealed connectors from Delphi/Packard that are designed for engine compartments and wire harnesses. Metri Pack 280 electrical connectors are an OEM style wire connector that can be used in engine compartments varying from agricultural to automotive and marine. The Deutsch Compatible A-Series line of electrical connectors serve a wide range of industries and offer a high-performance, cost-effective solution to your standard wire connector types. Packard 56 electrical connectors are the choice wire connector used on American cars manufactured in the 1950s-1980s and the 56 wire connector series is best used for any classic builds or replacements. The GT 150 wire connectors were designed with today's global car style in mind and are one of the smallest wire connector types to fit the shrinking compartments in today's vehicles.

Along with our systems and series of wire connectors, we also offer a variety of quick splice connectors, tap connectors, wire terminals, and other specialty electrical connectors. Make a fast and easy connection between a new wire and an existing wire with our wire splice connectors and our wire tap connector options. Wire terminals ranging from bullet wire connectors to pin terminals are also available. Our extensive offering of wire connectors, wire splice connectors, and terminals all provide varying benefits to suit different types of applications. Some of these characteristics include voltage rating, amperage rating, gauge size, and application function. These varying characteristics ensure that the wires connectors, quick splices, and electrical connectors meet the demands of various transportation, electrical, and other wiring applications.

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