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Heat Shrink Tubing and Tape

Heat shrink tube is designed to secure, seal and insulate electrical components. These types of tubes are commonly used to secure terminal connections to wire or cable. Essentially, the tubing acts as an extra layer of protection against moisture and debris, and also facilitate in preventing wire pull out. Heat shrink tube is used in vehicle applications, such as automotive and marine, but can be used in other electrical applications that require a terminal connection, such as agricultural and industrial equipment. When heated, the polyimide adhesive melts and flows, encapsulating and sealing the components contained within. The different types that are offered below have varying characteristics and benefits. The different characteristics include shrink ratio, color, size, and wall thickness. The ratios range from 2:1 to 4:1, the insulation thickness ranges from single wall to triple wall, and the colors range from solid red and black shades to transparent colors. These varying characteristics ensure that the sealing demands of various electrical connections are met.