7-Way Trailer Plug & Connector Products

Browse our selection of 7-pin connector products for your trailer or RV. The 7-pin trailer connector is ideal in large load applications that require connecting more than tail lights and turn signals. We currently carry a variety of different products in our 7-way trailer plug line that includes RV connectors, metal trailer connectors, mobile home connectors, nylon trailer connectors, and coiled trailer connectors. Choose either our 7-way RV connector or nylon 7-way trailer plug to help reduce corrosion damage, rust, and poor appearance. We offer a plug and socket for both of those styles. Choose the metal trailer connector for a convenient way to connect your tow vehicle with your trailer. This style also offers both a socket (with a locking cover) and a plug, along with the inclusion of a protective spring. The mobile home 7-way trailer connector is your obvious choice if you are towing a standard sized mobile home, because it will provide the additional strength and durability that is needed for this application. This style also has a unique locking latch that helps prevent accidental plug disengagement. Your last choice is a coiled trailer connector that is designed to withstand the toughest environments in the heavy-duty tractor/trailer industry. This style has two lightweight and locking 7-pin style connectors that are coupled on a coiled cable. 7-way accessories can be found for many products in this category include mounting brackets, connecting boots, and a 7-way trailer light tester. With a full selection of trailer connectors and accessories here at Del City, you can find the perfect 7-way trailer plug or 7-way trailer connector to meet the demands and need of your application.

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