Clamp Making Tool

The Clamp Making Tool is designed to tighten safety wire into a clamp for any type of material from rubber hoses to bundles of wire. The wire and hose clamp tool is unique as it can be used to create or replace any size or shape clamp. The wire clamp tool provides a unique set of strength and versatility by being usable anywhere, anytime to create strong and reliable clamps. Whether you have a worn or ineffective existing clamp or need a new clamp but you don’t have the correct size, the Clamp Making Tool is the tool you want to have on hand. The wire and hose clamp tool allows the user to quickly replace traditional hose clamps or create new clamps with a simple clamping mechanism that tightens stainless steel safety wire around your bundles and locks them in place. Clamps created using the hose and wire clamp tool provide a full 360° clamp around the bundle with no flat spots. The tool allows you to create either a single or double wrap around your bundles. Click here for a step-by-step guide to easily use the Clamp Making Tool. Never be without a replacement or the correct size clamp again by keeping an easy and efficient Clamp Making Tool on hand.

  • Manufactured with Machined Stainless Steel.
  • Tool is a one piece body nose and bronze nut.
  • Includes added lanyard extension.
  • Size: 5 1/4" long - 7 1/2" long fully extended.
  • Use with Stainless Steel Safety Wire.
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Prop65 Warning