Cordsets & Accessories

For your cordset, adapter, outlet, and receptacle needs, Del City is your go-to source. In terms of cordsets, Del City provides marine power, marine locking, shorepower, and right angle cordsets. Depending on the environment you will encounter, Del City recommends the marine power cordset and marine locking cordsets for your marine application. To protect your cordsets even more, pick up a weatherproof connector cover. Keep everything together and organized with a cord organizer bag as well. Many power products are often overlooked, but can be very helpful in the marine realm. These include dual outlets, extension cords, plugs, outer receptacles, outlet receptacles, and mounting brackets. Finally, to be sure your connection is connecting properly; Del City offers a large variety of plug adapters for your specific needs. From pigtail adapters, to right angle adapters, and anything in between, Del City has the plug adapter for you. Check out our variety of cordsets, adapters, outlets, and receptacles to be sure you have all the necessary accessories for your marine application.

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