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Open Barrel Terminal Ratchet Crimp Tool - 22-12 Gauge

The open barrel ratcheting crimp tool is designed to crimp non-insulated open barrel terminals, also referred to as OEM style terminals. The three double crimp stations simultaneously crimp the wire and insulation to the wire, all in one action. This open barrel crimper will crimp terminals in 22-12 gauge, and, to ensure a perfect crimp with every use, the tool will not disengage until a uniform crimp is completed, or until the quick release lever is triggered.

  • Tool crimps OEM terminals in 22-12 gauge.
  • Tool will not disengage until uniform crimp is completed or quick release lever is triggered.
  • "F" crimping nests make rollover crimps on both stranding (electrical crimp) and insulation (strain relief)
  • For crimping terminal part nos. 14601422, 14601622, 14621422, 14621622
  • Double crimp nests crimp wire and insulation at the same time.
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