Fuse Holders

To make your marine connection more secure, a fuse holder will keep your fuse in place. As your initial defense against a short circuit, you need to be sure your fuses are taken care of in case of emergency. This is where fuse holders, fuse panels, and fuse blocks come into play. Fuse holders are based specifically on your type of fuse, ensuring a perfect fit. Fuse panels are great for marine applications as they can keep all your fuses in one place to save space and time if you need a replacement. They are available in multiple mounting options as well as styles and configurations. Fuse blocks are great for space saving as well as adding an additional layer of protection. These are great for power distribution systems in marine applications where you need protection against harsh environments. Another key benefit is that many fuse blocks are covered, adding an additional seal to keep out water. Adding these three fuse accessories to your fuse can greatly improve and increase the longevity of your fuse application.

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