Multi-Wire Terminal Kit

When you have a large marine application or just like to be prepared, marine kits are great to have on hand. We know that not just one product completes a project in the marine world. This is why Del City offers over 30 kits to suit your marine application. When it comes to terminals, more than one type is usually needed on a boat. This is why Del City offers multi-wire terminal kits, heat shrink terminal kits, heat shrink terminal installation kits, and heat shrink butt connector jars. These are great options when performing a restoration or large application where large amounts as well as a wide variety of terminals are required. To help with the installation process, Del City also offers crimp, shrink, and solder kits. Having these all in one kits decreases the amount of time needed as well as increases efficiency. For specific connector series kits, a Weather Pack kit and Metri-Pack kit are offered. Because these connection systems are great for harsh environments, they make for a perfect marine application. Del City also provides hand tools (such as Rennsteig) to complete the application. For battery applications, Del City provides a battery cable kit and battery terminal & lug kit. These are great back-up kits as the batteries in marine environments need special care. For fuses, Del City offers a MCASE kit, JCASE kit, and an ATO kit. ATO fuses are used in a wide variety of applications, so this is great when a fuse blows and needs replaced or if a fuse is needed for multiple circuits. Already have an electrical issue? An electrical repair kit is used to effectively solve these issues in a small amount of time and effort. To be prepared and organized for your marine application, check out the kits below!

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