Protective Apparel and Safety Gear

Del City offers a wide selection of chemicals, safety equipment, and car wipers and covers to help protect you and your vehicle. ORION® Safety Products is the world’s leading manufacturer of flares and other emergency signaling devices. All of ORION®’s flare products are made in the U.S.A. under the industry’s quality and safety guidelines. ORION®’s roadside and emergency kits, non-reflective safety vest, emergency flag, and DOT compliant triangles are all available at Del City. Del City also offers a variety of safety gloves, eyewear, ear plugs and hats for keeping yourself and your peers safe from the elements of the work environment. Adhesives and sealants including silicone, threadlocker, duct seal, and undercoating are available to assist in creating strong and long lasting bonds while protecting the electrical parts of your vehicle. Automotive spray paint can fix any blemishes or give your vehicle a whole new look. Here at Del City you can find automotive paint ranging from high temp and engine cast to standard solids and farm equipment specific. Also find the lubricant, cleaners, fluids, and oils that are essential for maintaining and keeping up your automotive applications. Replacement wiper blades and car covers are also available to fit most cars found on the road today. Shop Del City's array of chemicals, safety equipment, and vehicle wipers today to keep you and your car in top shape.

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