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Ratchet Crimp Tools

A ratcheting crimp tool contains a break-through design that drastically reduces the chance of damaging a terminal's insulation (leaving it exposed) through too much crimp pressure, and reduces the chance of a wire to pull out due to not enough crimp pressure. The ratchet design provides proper crimp pressure to prevent over or under-crimping terminals. This is possible due to the crimper not disengaging until the uniform crimp is fully made, or until the quick release lever is triggered. This ensures that the proper amount of force is applied to create a proper crimp each and every time. Below is a full line of available ratchet crimpers. Each offering presents unique characteristics that are different from other tools, and provides different benefits depending on what you are crimping. The various unique characteristics include what insulation and terminal barrel types the tool is designed for (such as open barrel, insulated and non-insulated), the gauge sizes that can be crimped, and the number of crimp stations that the tool has. Nevertheless, all of the offerings that are available below are professional grade, and are built for long-lasting and dependable service.

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